Owner of A & N Accounting and Midnight Supplies

I worked as an accountant for years, starting as a work-study help in the accounting office at my junior college, I moved on to intern for a defense contractor, to a machine shop accountant, to the controller of a Coca-Cola branch.

I started A & N Accounting somewhere in the middle of all that with a partner and that’s taken off since. We help small businesses improve efficiencies and get some clarity on their financials so that they can make sound decisions and push for growth. Doing that made me realize that accounting is less of my passion as it is where I ended up. My real passion is the business management, which is why I am currently enrolled in a Doctorate of Business program.

I’ve since began helping others create their own businesses and even added another two of my own, one of which adds value to and receives value from A & N Accounting.

I started this blog for several reasons.

  • To help people become financially independent
  • To give myself a creative outlet
  • To give exposure to my businesses

Ultimately, my biggest hope is to see others benefit from my work here and use what they learn to help someone else.

Published by Andrew Holcomb

MBA working on DBA. Owner of A & N Accounting, Midnight Supplies, and Da Pet Treats

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