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Making money is the drive that’s hammered into us nearly from birth. From the time we are able to form coherent sentences we are asked “what do you want to be when you grow up?”. In other words, how are you going to feed, cloth and provide shelter for yourself? There’s no escape from work and in the quickly modernizing society many people are being replaced with automated technology. So where does that leave them? You can’t eat without a job and you can’t have a job because your skills were rendered useless. Then there’s the rest of us who just want to actually be able to enjoy our lives and see what its like to be at home on a Monday and be able to feed ourselves and our families. Well, as I’ve said before, there is no real magic solution to this short of a miraculous windfall. But don’t let that stop you! Start somewhere, anywhere, because if you don’t START it will never happen at all. Building wealth takes time and we’re in this together. Below are three great apps that I’ve tested and found to be legit and a really great, easy way to start working toward freedom or to add to your existing plan.


We love to give our opinion, its just human nature. Don’t believe me? Post an opinion you have on social media and wait. Before long your notifications will be filled with comments, either agreeing with you or letting you know that you’re the embodiment of evil because you enjoy a Snickers over Reese’s Cup.

Well, SliceThePie is a place where you can get paid feedback. The more detailed you get with your opinion the better your rating becomes; with a higher rating you earn a little bit more for every review. You’ll be reviewing things like new music, cellphone cases and new clothing, so you’ll get to see products and hear new music before its ever released.

What does it pay? Well what you can make per review varies, but I think its fair to say you’ll probably average about $0.20 per review, which may not seem like a lot, but it can add up and for the “work” its not too shabby at all.

To get started only takes about 5 minutes, you’ll answer some basic questions about yourself and your interests and once that is done you can begin reviewing immediately. You will need to have earned at least $10 before you can cash out, but I’ve not seen any issues with this one like other apps where you get close and then they stops giving you anything. This one is on the up and up.

The only issue I have with it is that you don’t get to pick what genre of music you want to review, so lets say you’re a die hard heavy metal fan, you may get a nice gentle singer/songwriter love song to review and it can be difficult to offer an honest opinion on something you don’t normally enjoy to begin with.


This one is extremely quick and easy money, its just sporadic. 1Q has about a 2 minute signup process where you enter some very basic information and your PayPal email address. You’ll get questions periodically, in my experience its about one or two per week. They vary from single question to short (5 minute) surveys, with the single question paying out $0.25 and the longer paying more. The biggest payout I’ve gotten so far for a single short survey is $2.00

What I love about this app is that there is no payout limit, within minutes of answering a question your payout is sent to PayPal.

The downside is that questions are only available for a short period of time, usually less than an hour, so you’re busy when a question becomes available you may miss your chance. You can, however set an alert to give you a notification any time a new question opens up so that this doesn’t happen quite as often.


Premise is among the best small task income producing apps I’ve found, its primarily short 3-4 minute surveys and longer product verification tasks. Most surveys pay out $0.25 each and I’ve never ran into a case where I answer several questions and then screen out like many other “paid” surveys – I use the term paid loosely there because I feel like many are more screener questions and failure than pay outs. The bigger money is in the tasks, for example just yesterday I made a Walmart run and decided to open my Premise app and there were 3 available tasks at my location. Each one required me to find a product, Snap Cookies, Peanut Butter Stick, and some automotive parts, and take a picture of the barcodes for a payout of $5 each. Now these were actually pretty hard to find, but with some looking its doable if you’re not really in a hurry.

The paid tasks are almost always available, but in all honesty I rarely take them because I prefer the 4 minute surveys since I don’t have to leave my house and I can be done relatively fast. The threshold for payout is $10 and so far its only done through PayPal. Doing just the surveys I typically earn about $1.75 per week.


Neither of these things are going to make you a millionaire, but its money that you wouldn’t otherwise have, so with that in mind my go to is always investing. Lets say you were able to make $10 per week using these apps, you put it into a dividend stock or ETF with an average performance then in one year you would have about $520 and be earning $1.08 per month without doing anything. Once again, that isn’t earth shattering, but that’s money and income you wouldn’t otherwise have.

Another route is to pay off debt, every dollar you put toward your debt will help you get free faster and in the long run reduce your income needs. The point is, the key to becoming financially independent is to leverage your money. Very few people ever got rich by selling their time for money, aka working a job, it comes from making that money and having it earn for you.

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