Office Ninja is Born

In the dangerous world of office supplies there was one born of whom legend was foretold would bring peace and prosperity to the lands. From an early age the child trained, becoming one with business, learning accounting, business management, strategy and more preparing to fulfil his destiny.

One day a famine ravaged the land and there were no pens to be found. Pencils were scarce and bands of rouges patrolled the wasteland scavenging paper. It was safe for no one. Families hid their staplers, scissors, post-its and such in their cellars, under floorboard or in their attics. Some even buried their paperclips in hopes that they would be safe, but alas their efforts were in vain. There rose up an evil band of samurai who took control of the lands and demanded monthly tribute of supplies under the threat of imprisonment and death.

There was one mighty fortress on the Summit that stood against these foe and brought hope to the land, giving rations to villagers in exchange for their loyalty. Summit fortress heard tales of the chosen one and sent an ambassador to deliver invitation to this warrior to determine if the legends were true. Upon speaking with this messenger, it was Summit fortress to whom the chosen one sought to pledge his sword.

He set off on his journey to the fortress, lurking in the shadows and battling bandits that would take advantage of the citizens along the way. As he arrived at the grand fortress he was in amazement at the high towers, long halls and grandeur of it all. As he climbed the staircase amazed with all he saw, hope of what good he could bring through this alliance filled his heart and lifted his spirits.

He approached the throne room and was welcomed with warm greetings by the general of the Summit forces. Their discussions began and lasted for hours as the chosen met with many officers and discussed his training. He was introduced to a powerful, yet equally majestic beast which protected their realm. This beast was able to sniff out supply mines and was the greatest asset to the fortress reserves, her presence brought great comfort to the fortress.

As the negotiations closed the chosen began to set out for home to await message from the team. As the gates were raised and he began his journey back, the fortress knew that he was indeed the one of whom legend spoke. As such he was a threat to their way of life. Their stronghold would fall should peace reign and those who pledged loyalty to Summit Fortress would be free.

“Kill him” the general ordered as an assassin leapt into action and proceeded to follow the chosen.

He creeped in the shadows behind the chosen, just beyond sight until nightfall. As the sun set the chosen began to set up camp and, filled with thoughts of what prosperity and growth he could bring with his new found partnership he let himself let down his guard. As he lie under his tent and drifted to sleep the Summit assassin made his silent approach. He raised his dagger over the chosen and thrust it down into his chest. Awakened by a searing pain the chosen one immediately fought back. A grand battle ensued but injured and bleeding the warrior hadn’t the strength to overcome. The assassin returned to deliver the news that the chosen one was no more.

Left for dead the chosen stared at the stars and wondered if the people would ever have office supplies again. His hope faded with every drop of blood that flowed from his broken body until a kindly refugee group code named Midnight Supplies which had heard the fight wandered upon him and carried him back to their camp. They bandaged his wounds and shared what supplies they had with him. As he drifted in and out of consciousness he vowed to make his vision of a free people with fully stocked office supplies a reality. He wouldn’t let the Summit Fortress destroy the very hope that they had helped to instill in him. At all costs he would bring peace to the lands again.

Midnight Supplies heard of his mission and found it to be noble and worthy. The chosen one pledged his loyalty to them and in return they did the same. On that day the Office Ninja was born and thus begins his story…

Published by Andrew Holcomb

MBA working on DBA. Owner of A & N Accounting, Midnight Supplies, and Da Pet Treats

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