Finding Financial Freedom in Business and Passive Income

Making Business Understandable and Finding Financial Freedom

You’re Losing Passive Income and Big Money

We’ve all seen those extreme coupon people. The ones who end up on tv or in the paper because they bought $1,000 in groceries for 67 cents. Impressive as that may be, who has the time to figure all of that out? It’s a full-time job clipping coupons, researching deals, mixing and matching, and calculatingContinue reading “You’re Losing Passive Income and Big Money”

Starting a Successful Business You Love- Structure

You’ve found your idea, worked out the finances, discovered your competitive advantage, decided on a funding method, and now its time to get to work on actually making your vision a reality. The next step is to decide on a business structure. There are many routes you could go and no real one size fitsContinue reading “Starting a Successful Business You Love- Structure”

Starting a Successful Business You Love – Getting Funding

A successful business takes a lot of time. As the old adage goes “time is money”, and you will likely need a lot of both if you want to see your business take off. Funding is an important aspect of any startup, but not all funding is created equal. You have many options for howContinue reading “Starting a Successful Business You Love – Getting Funding”

Business and Management

Starting a small business is an exciting endeavor and a worth while venture. It can be scary and overwhelming but it can also be fun and rewarding. There are many skills you need to be a successful entrepreneur, from basic math to psychology. You deal with clients, customers, employees, inventory, advertising and much more. Here you can learn about a variety of topics, tips and tricks to make sure your business is all it can be. I’ll be covering how to start a business, various management and leadership topics, business challenges and much more.

Business isn’t nearly as overwhelming when you break it down into bite sized pieces. The most important things in running a successful business are continued learning and having the right people in the right places. Ultimately, you need your business to work for you. It will gradually develop its own personality and an identity of its own. When people can connect and identify with your business you’ve finally started to make it to a sweet spot. Here is where scaling your business becomes much easier. Though business is rarely ever “easy”.

Passive Income

Passive income is probably my favorite type of income. Its money you earn without having to actively perform to receive. Normally it does require some upfront work, but ultimately the goal is to coast off of your efforts. Passive income has many different means of generation, from content creation to asset investments. Here I will share with you various ways that I have found to effectively earn and create a passive income. If you work smart you can live financially free on residual income for the rest of your life.

The key to building a passive income lifestyle is in understanding that it takes time. If you’re investing then need to make more money to invest. That means finding ways to boost your income and then letting your passive income invest in more passive income. If your goal is through content creation then you need time and lots of it. Your residual income from those activities will need to be leveraged to give you more time.

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