Financial Disaster is Looming, Here’s Why

As the nation faces The Great Resignation, $15 minimum wage for federal employees and an influx of money from stimulus and tax credits businesses are forced to up their game to compete for employees. Lets face it, money is readily available and as such $15 per hour is not as enticing as it used toContinue reading “Financial Disaster is Looming, Here’s Why”

Grow Your Wealth in 2022, Understand Money Moves

The past couple of years have been wild. Terrible for some, tolerable for others, great for no one. Now it seems like the economy is just getting worse. We have the great resignation, hyperinflation, and coming interest hikes that seem to be destroying the stock market. Financially we’re doomed right? Well, not exactly. It’s notContinue reading “Grow Your Wealth in 2022, Understand Money Moves”